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Tetbury Blog

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Witness Appeal Following Collision in Tetbury
Police investigating a serious collision on Hampton Street in Tetbury on Tuesday October 15th are appealing for witnesses to contact them. The collision happened at around 4.30pm and involved a Yam...
Posted : 17/10/2013 18:50:16

Notice of Election – Tetbury Town Council
Having received a request from 10 electors to fill two vacancies on Tetbury Town Council by election, an election has been set for Thursday 26 September 2013. Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate...
Posted : 21/08/2013 00:06:15

Tetbury moves towards establishing a Neighbourhood
Tetbury Town Council, working with Tetbury Upton Parish Council, has submitted a joint proposal to Cotswold District Council to have their two parishes recognised as a ‘neighbourhood area’ – an impor...
Posted : 29/05/2013 20:49:38